Tell us a little bit about yourself  and why you started your blog Afia and Jay? Where does the name of your blog come from?

Hi!  My name’s Jasmine and I’m a trainee solicitor and life/style blogger.  The word “Afia” is my middle name (and what my close family sometimes calls me), and “Jay” is a nickname that I got from school friends and work colleagues years ago.  Putting them together to create my blog’s name was a way of combining my personal life with my professional one and finding some balance between the two. 
jasmine boadi, cashmere app, luxury fashion, afia and jay
Name one thing most people don’t know about you.
I studied Mandarin for a year shortly after graduating from uni (but unfortunately have since forgotten most of it!)
jasmine boadi, cashmere app, luxury fashion, afia and jay, millennial
How would you describe your style?
“City girl who often steals from fashion girl sister’s wardrobe.”  I like to dip in and out of the latest trends but my style is generally pretty simple and built around staple pieces (blazers, turtlenecks, jeans, ankle boots, gold accessories). 
jasmine boadi, afia and jay, luxury fashion, cashmere app, millennial
Where do you shop for clothes and accessories on a normal basis?
If I’m shopping for every day basics I’ll usually look to high street stores and order online (e.g. Zara, Topshop and ASOS).  When it comes to accessories, I prefer to spend a little more on luxury goods as they’ll last longer (usually via Selfridges as it’s the closest department store to me and has pretty much everything under one roof!)
I think that going in store definitely adds to the luxury experience – as much as I love the likes of Net-A-Porter or Farfetch or Matches, you do sometimes miss out on those little real-time touches that make buying designer pieces special. 
What’s the go-to fashion item in your closet that never fails to complete your outfit?
A well-tailored black blazer (preferably with gold buttons) will literally transform any outfit and immediately make me look put together. 
If you were given £1m to spend on clothes/accessories, what luxury stores would you splurge that cash on?
In no particular order: Saint Laurent, Chanel, Balmain, Delpozo, Vêtements, and then a larger store like Harrods or Selfridges for the shoe collections.  I’ve always wanted a Cartier Love bracelet so I’d definitely pay them a visit too. 
jasmine boadi, cashmere app, afia and jay, luxury fashion, millennial
What is one item of clothing you won’t be caught dead wearing?
Crocs. Whoever invented them needs help. 
Where do you look for style inspiration?
I spend a lot of the time looking to stylish commuters to see how they’ve put their workwear pieces together, because ultimately I spend most of my waking hours dressed smartly for work.  There’s the potential to look boring in corporate clothing so I make a point of ensuring that my personal style shows through, even if I’m in a basic pencil dress and heels.
I’ve had mood board-type folders on my laptop for years which contain random images, outfits and quotes pulled from Tumblr (way before Instagram was a thing), so oftentimes I’ll flick through those for inspiration – before an event, a holiday, a flight, anything. And of course, Instagram can also be a useful point of reference for my “out of office” looks. 
jasmine boadi, cashmere app, afia and jay, luxury fashion, millennial
If you had to own one person’s wardrobe, whose would it be, and why?
Definitely. Victoria Beckham’s.  I’ve loved watching her style evolve over the years into what it is now: timeless, polished and super feminine, but not a stranger to an oversized knit or bright colour or pair of trainers.  That said, VB’s wardrobe circa 2013 is still goals.  All of that Roland Mouret!  Those Birkins!  But I’d keep one or two pieces from my own wardrobe too – I don’t think VB would ever be caught dead in a Guns ‘n Roses t-shirt or Balenciaga Ceintures… 
You have an unlimited budget to host your dream party and you can invite anyone in the world.  Except friends and family, who would be your top 3 on that guest list and why?
That’s tough, but I think it would be Sloane Crosley (author), Shiona Turini (fashion editor/stylist/consultant) and Emily Weiss (founder of Glossier and Into The Gloss).  All are doing amazing things right now and I’d love to have a chat/laugh with them over a glass of wine. 
jasmine boadi, cashmere app, luxury fashion, millennial, afia and jay
What luxury items are you currently lusting after right now?
I need need NEED the Jacquemus upside down black and gold tote as it’s still classic whilst being “trendy”. *sigh*.  Also on my list is a classic black Balmain blazer and Chanel vanity case.  Things I can wear for years and years. 
Finally, what is the most exciting thing for you about Cashmere?
Having a dedicated platform which helps me to set savings goals for fashion items is so, so necessary! You always hear about the girl or guy who spent £2,000 on Chanel and then ate rice and stew for the rest of the month – that was me, once upon a time! I just wish it had come about earlier so that I could’ve been smarter about my money back then, too.
To find out more about Jasmine, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @AFIAANDJAY
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