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Happy New Year!  Over here at Cashmere HQ, we decided to start the new year on a high by catching up with our girl, Elvira (founder of Carelle Style), to talk about all things luxury fashion and what makes saving with the Cashmere app really exciting for her

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Elvira and I’m a 26 year old blogger living in South West London.

Name one thing most people don’t know about you

People always get surprised to hear that I’m half Nigerian and that I spent my childhood in Abuja; either they assume I’m Asian or South American but I’m a proper Naija girl lol!

What got you into setting up your blog, Carelle Style, and who are your biggest inspirations?

I started my blog as a pastime hobby after university, while looking for a job and then it developed into a deeper passion.  It’s great to see other bloggers turning their sites into brands and businesses, which is something I aspire for myself one day.  For that, my biggest inspiration is my mother, who has shown me what it takes to be a successful woman in business.

How would you describe your style?

I try to be cool, classic and effortless, which is just the better word for lazy ha!  Love fashion but if it takes me longer than 10 minutes to get dressed, I get bored.  I like anything that I can just throw on and look good without having to think too much about it.

Where do you shop for clothes and accessories on a normal basis? 

I actually buy a lot of stuff on ASOS for convenience but this season, I lost my mind in H&M.  I’ve been wearing my Saint Laurent Mini Sac Du Jour with everything lately.

If you were given £1m to spend on clothes/accessories, what luxury stores would you splurge that cash on?

The only luxury pieces I really invest in are handbags so I might pick up a couple of new ones.  I’ve been dying to get my hands on the new Faye bag from Chloe.

What is one item of clothing you won’t be caught dead wearing?

I once hated Birkenstocks so much and vowed to never purchase them, and now I have 2 pairs so never say never ha!

Where do you look for style inspiration?

Normally, I get inspiration from other bloggers whose style I admire, but lately, I’ve just been searching for cool editorial shots on Pinterest and Tumblr.  Also, I have been really inspired by edgy and editorial fashion photography online so that’s where I’ve sourced a lot of inspiration from.

If you had to own one person’s wardrobe, whose would it be, and why?

Rihanna is the ultimate style queen right now.  I love her fearless approach to fashion so I wouldn’t mind a peek in her closet.

What luxury items are you currently lusting after?

The Chloe ‘Faye‘ bag and a Zana Bayne choker.

For you, what is the most exciting thing about the Cashmere App?

I love the idea of responsibly shopping luxury.  For me, it always seems a bit naughty splurging on these kind of items. Therefore, Cashmere will allow me to have a more grown up approach to buying the luxury items I want.  I can’t wait to start saving!

To learn more about Elvira, check out her cool blog and follow her on Instagram: @carellestyle

Outfit 1:

Coat | Zara (old season)  | similar here, here and here

Fur Collar | Accessories Room

Sunglasses | ASOS

Blouse | H&M  (unavailable online) | similar here

Jeans | Dr Denim

Boots | H&M (unavailable online) | similar here

Bag | Saint Laurent Classic Y (old season) | similar here

Outfit 2:

Jumper | H&M

Blouse | H&M  (unavailable online) | similar here

Skirt | H&M 

Jacket | Dorothy Perkins (unavailable online) | similar here and here

Boots | Zara (old season) | similar here and here

Bag | Saint Laurent Classic Y (old season) | similar here

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