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 Shannon O’Hara | Fitness Blogger, ChezShanay

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Shannon O’Hara and I’m 21 years old.  I grew up in Basel, Switzerland and moved to England when I was 18 to study Marketing at the University of Exeter.  I moved to London last summer to start a placement in marketing at Sky.

What got you into health/fitness blogging and who are your biggest inspirations?

I started my fitness blogging about a year ago to document my journey, post some healthy recipes that I make up and workouts I’ve tried.  I started my Instagram because I was posting so much food on my personal page and I thought my friends don’t want to keep seeing all these pictures of food!  So I started a separate one to focus solely on that.  I also really enjoy writing, so I thought my blog would be a good platform to let out my creativity.  My biggest inspiration would be Zanna van Dijk.  I started watching her YouTube videos at university  and followed her journey on Instagram, YouTube, her blog.  I also trained with her about a year ago!  Another big inspiration of mine is Lorna Janein terms of fitness and life goals.  I love that she has created a company behind her name; she is her brand.  The same with Kayla Itsines.  They are probably my top 3 inspirations.

How would you describe your style?

My style changes quite a lot but, I would say it is classic but quite girly.  I love neutral colours and basic designs.  I also love floral prints and pastels; my whole wardrobe is filled with black, white and pastels!

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If you were given £1m to spend on clothes/accessories, which luxury stores would you splurge that cash on?

Definitely Burberry because they have so many timeless pieces.  Louis Vuitton just because you have to.  And Chloe, and Chanel…

Where do you shop for clothes and accessories?

I grew up in Switzerland where we didn’t have Topshop or River Island, so I started to really love Zara and Mango over there.  Since I moved to England, I’ve been in love with Topshop.  I’ve also really gotten into Millie Mackintosh’s collection – I think it’s only available online.  I usually shop on the high street, mainly because of my budget restrictions haha!  For bags, I really like Michael Kors and Guess.

What’s the go-to fashion item in your closet that never fails to complete your outfit?

My Stuart Weitzman boots that I’m wearing right now!  I literally wear them with everything.  To work, town, out, with my gym leggings…

What is one item of clothing you won’t be caught dead wearing?


Where do you look for style inspiration? 

Mainly Instagram.  If I find an Instagram account I really like, I look at their blogs.  I’ve always really loved Shea Marie of ‘Peace Love Shea’.  I really like how she can be really girly and elegant but then really badass, which is pretty cool.  I love pairing a girly floral dress with a biker jacket and boots

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If you had to own one person’s wardrobe, whose would it be, and why?

Sienna Miller!  What a babe!  I love everything she wears and how she can pull anything off,  whereas with me I’m always thinking ‘Am I cool enough for this…?’

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What luxury items are you currently lusting for right now?

I’m obsessed with the Valentino Rockstuds.  They’ve been around for a while now and still haven’t gone out of trend.  Every time I see them, I still want a pair and every colour looks amazing especially the pastel pink ones.  I’m obsessed with the Burberry trench coats because they are classics, and I really love the two-tone Celine handbags which are a little bit out of my budget right now!

Once Cashmere is launched, which luxury items would you like to save for?

Those 3!!  Get them on board!!

For healthy living, recipes and fitness tips, visit Shannon’s blog here  and follow her on Instagram @chezshanay

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