We are back with our latest edition of #CashmereBabeSpotlight, where we get to know more about some of our top users and see how they are using Cashmere App to help them create the life they want!

This time, we are chatting to Perola, who is a software engineer from Brixton!

Perola Da Cruz lying on sofa holding mobile phone with Cashmere App pop socket

Hey Perola, where do you come from and what do you do for a living?

I’m from Brixton in South London but my parents are from Angola in Southern Africa. At the moment I’m going through a career change. I was a Software Engineer at TalkTalk but I’m now getting into UX/UI design. I also have an eyelash extensions business I run on the side called Perola UK. Follow me on Instagram @perolauk

Perola Da Cruz applying lip gloss in Beautystack kitchen, with  Apple MacBook and Cashmere App sticker

How did you hear about Cashmere and what were your initial thoughts?

I found Cashmere on Twitter and thought it was a really cool concept because I rarely ever budget for designer/expensive items.

Perola Da Cruz sitting on chair with Beautystack bag and Cashmere App reusable coffee cup

What’s your favourite feature on Cashmere and why? 

My favourite Cashmere feature would have to be the workshops. The app/website is great and saving is great but the workshops really help you apply all the things you’ve learnt into your actual life. Since the last two workshops I’ve attended, I have been putting money away regularly to save for a property and have been budgeting every month, which has really improved my finances.

Perola Da Cruz Cashmere App

Are you currently saving towards something in particular?  If so, what, and when do you plan to buy it? 

I’m saving for a property, my next holiday and I have a random savings account for rainy day funds. I plan to buy this property in the next few years and my next holiday is in August. 

Perola Da Cruz Cashmere App

Have you made any changes to help you reach your goal?

Definitely budgeting!!! I literally budget for everything now – travel to work, work lunch, going out, Uber, bills, party clothes, everything! Another tip is doing meal preps for your work lunch; you’ll save so much money especially if you work in the city. 

How would you describe your relationship with money?

My relationship with money wasn’t great before but it’s improving each month. The more I learn and get older, the better it gets.

Perola Da Cruz Cashmere App

What’s the biggest money lesson you’ve learnt?

You need to save because you never know what will happen tomorrow. You need to be able to take care of yourself no matter what happens without relying on anyone financially.

Perola Da Cruz top users using Cashmere App

Bonus question – what’s the biggest item you’ve purchased to date and how did it make you feel when you were finally able to buy it? 

Moving into my own place. It wasn’t cheap paying bills and buying furniture, etc. The fact that I worked hard enough to be able to afford it made me proud.

Perola Da Cruz top users using Cashmere App

Cashmere is a smart savings app that helps stylish millennial women save towards and buy luxury goods and experiences guilt-free and without having to dip into their personal savings. We also run regular money management workshops covering topics like saving/budgeting, investing, property, pensions, debt management and personal protection/insurance to help you get your personal finances in order.

Be smart like Perola – sign up to Cashmere and start saving up for your future wardrobe. 

Special thanks to Beautystack for letting us use their beautiful office for the photoshoot!

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