cashmere early adopter interview with emma abamu

Emma is based in London and works as a Consultant in the Financial Services industry. Emma signed up to Cashmere App in February 2018 and was one of our first adopters! Read on to find out more about her and why she loves being a #CashmereBabe!

How did you hear about Cashmere and what were your initial thoughts?

I heard about Cashmere through social media. It has been in my long-term plan to buy a luxury item for myself, but I could not justify the large spend and kept using the money for other things. Cashmere makes buying luxury goods more realistic for people who are not necessarily savvy on what is out there. For me, it also made saving a lot more convenient because I am now saving for rather than paying credit card interest on an item. 

What’s your favourite feature on Cashmere and why? 

My favourite feature is the Get Inspired page. I like interesting unique pieces and I find it really cool to know about different designers out there beyond the mainstream and what I could get within my savings plan.

cashmere early adopter interview with emma abamu

Are you currently saving towards something in particular?  If so, what, and when do you plan to buy it? 

I am on the hunt for a perfectly impractical but cute cross body bag. I aim to have a one for spring/summer 2019.

Have you made any changes to help you reach your goal?

First, I swapped my app subscriptions for my Cashmere account. Top tip is to check out your subscriptions page on your Apple ID. It is very easy to sign up for things and forget/never use the apps and 2 or 3 apps collecting £2.50 from your account every month does make a big difference. 

Second, discount codes are life! Most of us know someone that is a student, so take advantage of their Unidays accounts. You are helping yourself and teaching them how to secure the bag.

Third, ask yourself ‘do I need it or do I want it?’ I like clothes and women’s clothes are expensive and trend focused. Before I buy anything, I try to go in store and feel/see the item. Most of the time we are acting on impulse and don’t really need that item. Curating your wardrobe is more sustainable and helps with making sure the luxury item you do get on Cashmere fits right into your looks. 

cashmere early adopter interview with emma abamu

How would you describe your relationship with money? 

We are getting to know each other but we cool! There is a difference between having money from working and having money from loans/grants/university. My attitude to money now is much more careful, every penny does count. I now ask more questions before I part with my coins. The goal now is to find the right balance between being a spender and a saver.

What’s the biggest money lesson you’ve learnt? 

Do not pay for experiences you are not passionate about! If you know that you will not go alone if push comes to shove, do not buy a ticket. Money lost from not being able to resell is painful. 

cashmere early adopter interview with emma abamu

Bonus question – what’s the biggest item you’ve splurged on to date and how did it make you feel when you were finally able purchase it?

My camera. It was my first time haggling in a market and it felt really good walking away spending less that I budgeted and with freebies. 

Cashmere is a smart savings app that helps stylish millennial women save towards and buy luxury goods and experiences guilt-free and without having to dip into their personal savings. Be smart like Emma – sign up to Cashmere and start saving up for your dream wardrobe.

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