Christabelle is an Account Manager living in London. She has been a #CashmereBabe since September 2018. Here, we chat about how she is using Cashmere to help her save for her favourite luxury fashion goods!

How did you hear about Cashmere and what were your initial thoughts?

I thought it was a great idea. I also thought it would be a good way to motivate me to save money.

What’s your favourite feature on Cashmere and why?

I like the weekly newsletters and edits that Cashmere sends out which serves as motivation to save more. 

Christabelle Boateng Cashmere user save for luxury fashion goods at Elan Cafe

Are you currently saving towards something in particular? If so, what, and when do you plan on to buy it?

I currently have my eye on the Gucci Dionysus Leather Super Mini Bag and I have other savings accounts that I am using in order to save for holidays.

Have you made any changes to help you reach your goal?

I have learnt to move money as soon I am paid and define specific  savings accounts with what exactly I am saving towards. This helps me stay on track. 

Christabelle Boateng Cashmere user save for luxury fashion goods at Elan Cafe

How would you describe your relationship with money?

I would say that my relationship with money is a work in progress. I am still learning how to make my money work for me and build long-term savings.

What’s the biggest money lesson you’ve learnt?

The biggest lesson I have learnt recently is that investing your money in stocks and shares will probably enable you to reach your future money goals faster than saving. This was interesting for me as stats show women don’t tend to invest as much as men. 

Christabelle Boateng Cashmere user save for luxury fashion goods at Elan Cafe

Bonus question – what’s the biggest item you’ve splurged on to date and how did it make you feel when you were finally able to purchase it?

My trip to Ghana last year! I have been putting off this trip for a couple of years due to money and work commitments. I was initially planning to pay for it over the course of a couple of months, so I was overjoyed once I realised I had saved enough to buy a ticket outright. 

Cashmere is a smart savings app that helps stylish millennial women save towards and buy luxury goods and experiences guilt-free and without having to dip into their personal savings. Be smart like Christabelle – sign up to Cashmere and start saving up for your dream wardrobe. 

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